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Stiletto: Captain Evans

Plague: Captain Black

North Star: Captain Stern

Gloria's Revenge: Captain Corsae


James Black: Black can come later in the campaign, becoming a boson or quartermaster for stiletto or Corsae; more bloodthirsty and ruthless than the others combined; given his own ship as much to get him off their's as because of his abilities; eventually goes solo. He used blackrazor in the old campaign, so it would be cool for him to get it for a solid period of time previous to its' final return to White Plume. He could even be killed in its recovery.

Ryan Corsae: Stiletto's first quartermaster. The first to get his own ship once Stiletto's successful enough to start branching out into a flotilla. Elf.

Lincoln F. Stern: renegade formal naval captain, was sentenced to public hanging but Stiletto perpetrated a daring rescue of him at the execution


Jeremy Scroggins: one of the big 3 'classic crew', typically bosun

Victor Hawkins: one of the big 3 classic crew, typically a sailing master but also capable quartermaster for Corsae's ship

Paul Warrington: Stiletto's 'classic crew' quartermaster

Beorn Stephanson: skylding ancestry; conjurer from Kaelen's party

Tebran Axebound: a 'classic crew'; dwarf brother of Tebran. They are carpenters, but one of them is severely wounded and becomes the cook.

Ford Axebound: a 'classic crew'; see Tebran.

Gloria de Hoyte: a 'classic crew'; Stiletto's wife

Morgana de Troy: Ghirellian; officer for Stiletto or Corsae, then finally full time under Black and also his lover

Zachariah Gracon: arcanist, healer; shanghaied as toddler, does not know his own origin nor parents; first name given him by his seagoing arcanist mentor, last name has some arcane meaning; has been in most of the worlds seas at one point or another in his life; many ships and captains

Lucas Cobb: English; sailing master, also potential bosun or bosun's mate; ruthlessly loyal to Corsae and Stiletto.

William Buck: English; sailing master, boson's mate

Blaine Cartwright: sailing master, bosun's mate; English

Jack Roberts: English; one of the big 3 'classic crew' officers, highly capable and trusted officer of virtually any type; if any other officer would become a captain in his own right after Corsae and Black, it would be him.

Rufus Khann: priest of his theorized dark outer gods, picked up on a southern excursion, who brings Black and his men under his teachings.

Ahmet Tormankhamun: egyptian/araby type, former assassin, became lone wolf when his order was wiped out, wandered into piracy; picked up on a southern voyage; ends up on Black's crew.

Juman Starbuck: musician, picked up on a ocean voyage east to new world; he and Stiletto hit it off brilliantly



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Main Page

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